People with disabilities have the same rights as all Americans. Sometimes those rights, such as the right to vote and make decisions free from interference by others, are infringed because of a person’s disability.

People with disabilities also have certain rights regarding services and treatment. If someone believes their rights have been violated, they can challenge those violations through a variety of rights protection systems. Unfortunately, some of these offices are internal rights protection systems which can cause – or be believed to be – a conflict of interest.

People with disabilities benefit from policies that:

  • Ensure the right to cast a private ballot in all elections.
  • Limit the use of forced mental health treatment and promote empowering treatment.
  • Promote the use of mental health courts as an alternative to criminal prosecution.
  • Reform and limit overuse of legal guardianship when alternatives exist.
  • Ensure humane treatment of inmates with disabilities through an appropriately-empowered corrections ombudsman