Increase the Protection of Voting Rights and the Rights of Individuals with Representative Payees

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Individuals with disabilities have certain rights regarding services and treatment. Organizations providing care or services have an obligation to abide by these regulations. Under the law, if an individual believes their rights have been violated, they can challenge those violations through a variety of rights protection systems. Rights protection systems include the Office of Recipient Rights, Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing, Bureau of Health Care Services, Bureau of Health Professionals, Michigan Peer Review Organization, Medicaid, Medicare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Education, and Office of Civil Rights. Unfortunately, some of these offices are internal rights protection systems which can cause – or be believed to be – a conflict of interest. Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. is working towards systemic change to ensure rights protection systems are independent and effective in enforcing the rights of individuals with disabilities.


2A. Individuals with disabilities will not be deprived of their voting rights.

2B. Representative payees identified by the Social Security Administration will be reviewed for compliance with federal requirements.