Increase Access to Integrated, Competitive Employment

Photo of a man and a woman working on a computer

Employment can often be a vehicle to independence, identity, social engagement, and other beneficial characteristics. Unfortunately, people with disabilities have been consistently underrepresented in the work place despite having marketable skills and the desire to work.  Moreover, people with disabilities that do find “employment”, are often working in segregated environments making wages which are not on par with typically-abled peers performing similar work. MPAS supports people with disabilities earning competitive wages in integrated settings and eradicating the ability of community rehabilitation programs to pay people with disabilities below the minimum wage.


3A. Improve access and rights to services within vocational rehabilitation and centers for independent living.

3B. Individuals with disabilities will have employment options in the competitive and integrated workforce.

3C. Individuals with disabilities will have access to social security work incentives.

3D. Transition needs from post education to integrated, community employment will be identified and addressed.