Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) believes that, as a person with a disability, you are your own best advocate when armed with accurate information and advice.  Therefore, when appropriate, MPAS will provide you with information, training, advice, and written materials that can assist you in speaking for yourself.


MPAS’ systemic advocacy work is designed to protect and advance your rights as a person with disabilities so that:

  • You are legally protected from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • You are able to vote
  • You have equal employment opportunities
  • Communities are accessible and inclusive
  • All children with disabilities are provided a quality education with all supports and accommodations needed to develop marketable skills
  • You and all other individuals with disabilities fully enjoy the rights, benefits, and privileges the law guarantees you

Services Provided

Anyone may call the MPAS Information and Referral Department when they have a rights or advocacy question related to their disability.  When appropriate, MPAS will provide information, referrals, or short-term technical assistance.

You may be referred for MPAS direct advocacy and/or legal representation if you are eligible and if your disability issue falls into one of the agency priorities listed on the Advocacy pages.  MPAS is not, however, able to take every case for direct representation.  MPAS reserves the right to select cases that:

  • Are in accordance with the MPAS mission
  • Have sound legal merit
  • Have the potential for effecting broad policy or systemic change and
  • Are consistent with legal ethical standards

MPAS will not be able to take your case if you have other advocacy assistance, if you have other legal counsel, or you have the right to appointed counsel.

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When Will MPAS Represent Me? – PDF
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